Xylosound Workshops

Xylosound Workshops

Xylosound is a unique music group of adults most of whom have additional learning needs. Based at The Watershed in Slaithwaite, they meet in the studio there most Fridays from 10.30 to 2.30pm. They perform and run music workshops playing large xylophones with accordion, fiddle, flute and percussion instruments.       

Xylosound workshops are musically directed by Andy Burton from Satellite Arts and the group has published a book and CD called ‘Our Tunes’, now available from our shop

Hokey Cokey Cafe:

Xylosound also put on special open music and dance sessions for other people with additional needs. These sessions also take place at The Watershed and refreshments are served. Please contact us if you belong to a group who would like to come along.

To find our next Xylosound Workshop, take a look at our Upcoming Events.

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Date : 23 Feb 2016

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