Fishy Tales / Socktopus

Fishy Tales / Socktopus

Fishy Tales

Fishy Tales is a collection of songs and tales about the sea, selected to appeal to junior aged children and their families. The storytellers are Sid Skate and Rosa Boat who run a fantastic fish stall, that turns with the tide into a magical ocean.

The show features amazing conjuring tricks, puppetry, and accordion and even a trombone, in this lively encounter with the salty sea.

Fishy Tales is ideal for 7-12 year olds and their families.


Grandy the Pirate greets the children, shows them amazing pirate magic tricks and teaches them an action song, ‘Wind in the Sails’, and a hornpipe with his accordion. He then tells a magical story with puppets and a mermaid princess to discover the mystery of his crews disappearing socks!

Socktopus is ideal for 4-7 year olds and their families.


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Date : 09 Feb 2017

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