Funky Junk

Funky Junk

Funky Junk is a wonderful musical sculpture made of tuned drainpipes, large wooden xylophones, metal chimes, spanners and water drums. It can be set up outdoors in schools, parks and festivals. Children and adults can experience making different sounds by trying out the quirky sculptural instruments. We also lead musical games and comic songs sessions with the Funky Junk sounds and squeeze box accompaniment!

Funky Junk was built by musician Andy Burton and metal sculptor Mick Kirkby-Geddes.  Andy arrives with the sculpture and an assistant to rig and then animate it.

Funky Junk operates as a fun drop in, participatory activity for families. When a group of people have gathered around it, Andy leads musical games and comic songs with children and adults joining in and playing the Funky Junk instruments.

Siting: Funky Junk needs a min site of 5x4metres with room around that for participants. It takes 45mins to set up before it is ready to go. It arrives packed in a van which we need to unload close to the performance site. 

Fees and duration of sessions negotiable.

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Date : 13 Mar 2018

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